Bijllionaire, aka Edmond van der Bijl (@evdbjl), is an artist and creator.

I created Bijllionaire (in early 2018) as a creative outlet to express my inner most thoughts and feelings 😉

Why “Bijllionaire”? I crowd sourced some stage names on facebook and among many great entries I saw one from my good friend Chris that suggested “Top Bijling” (note the last four letters in my last name are pronounced “bill” in english, of Dutch origin). From there, it was a short jump to “Bijllionaire” as I thought it represented a few important things: 1) It was easy to remember! 2) It was available online as a handle. 3) It represents the unreachable…and that’s what a lot of this is all about…being creative and reaching for the stars. 4) Bonus, I am also no where near being a “billionaire”, so there’s some fun in that too (note that the logo I have on my hat was made from duct tape and a sharpie! lol)

Easy links:
subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/2IR9kRG
website: http://bit.ly/bijllionairehome
f a c e b o o k: http://bit.ly/2HkhHrD
i n s t a g r a m: http://bit.ly/2JGeZLw
t w i t t e r: http://bit.ly/2HjnVIj

More about Edmond: